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6 thoughts on “About

  1. delharvest Post author

    World Missions is so important to our God and our Creator. He wrote through the Gospel of John : “That God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not parish, but should have eternal life.” John 3:16

    Dr Ralph Huckeba, World Missions Director, Deliverance and Harvest Ministries International,
    St Petersburg, Florida, USA, 33707


  2. Rev.Dr.Arjun

    Dear Friend and family in Christ
    Greeting to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who call us to do his labor work, so I am Arjun Bhai vasava, I am coming from Hindu family, and by God calling According (Gen 12:1-2 Acts: 26:15-18) I came to know the Lord and I did ministry in several state of India I share good news among different churches and outreach and opening meeting and then by vision of God we did registration our ministry on 1st October 2008 ,and the ministry name call “APOSTLES SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT” Ministry India so Apostles society for social development ministry is nonprofit organization, and here is the detail about the ministry
    By faith and prayer we have started Apostles Society for Social Development ministry here in India, And Here the Detail of our new Ministry, we have 35 pastors and orphan home, and widows caring Ministry, outreaches Ministry, church planting Ministry, school Ministry, pastors and youth and woman spiritual training Ministry, spiritual Revival Ministry, and orphan, poor, needy and untouched children development center, Adult education program, and sports program for children, and free Medical camp program, Social awareness program, and community development program ,and Bringing out people from Different kind of Drugs Addiction program, saving people from Human trafficking, as well as saving girl child from their families because many girl are selling from their partners to child mafia. And keeping our orphan home and giving them education and helping Aids / HIV education for the people and we have education program for children those are suffering for education and we are doing all social activates through our Ministries, so pray for us we are looking partnership Ministry and financial support for our Mission, for bringing Revivals and Transformation India for Christ. And we are looking forward to start one bible collage here at Banswara Rajasthan India. In Banswara district there is no any bible school .so we need your support to opening Bible College so that we may train the new generation about God. As well as we are looking financial help with projects so that we can work together and build His kingdom together. So we are waiting your associate with us To Transform INDIA FOR CHRIST,
    Thank you
    Rev.Dr Arjun Bhai Vasava
    MOB= +919799709791, Whatsapps +919950320617, email id asfsd111@yahoo.com

    (1). Pray for Apostles society for social development mission.
    (2). Pray for founder and Director Rev.Dr Arjun bhai vasava.
    (3). Pray for orphan children life and their need and their future studies.
    (4). Pray for widows life, we are providing cloth and food and medicine for them.
    (5). Pray for pastors and missionaries’ and prayer team and family and their life.
    (6). Pray Apostles prayer tower. And remote village house churches.
    (7). Pray for our ministry in Rajasthan and Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.
    (8). Pray for Adult education program, through this program people are reading bible
    (9). Pray for 30 house churches we have in different villages
    (10). Pray for 35church building needed in 35 different villages
    (11) Pray for 2000 families’ prayer partners needed for our ministry
    (12) Those who want to join with us as membership please send your family photos and prayer point to us. And our prayer warriors will pray for you and family 24 hours.
    (13) Partnership fee is per month 500 and yearly fee 6000 only for those who want to need our prayer for your family and your life and your job and your business
    (14). Membership fee will go for the prayer warriors and orphan children and widows and pastors monthly support and for the gospel sharing,
    (15) Please pray for and join with To Transform India for Christ
    (16). Pray for the entire woman and young girl child are selling by their parents for money and the girl is losing their life. As well as human trafficking is going inside of India and thousands of people are losing their life because of human trafficking.
    (17). Three days Revival conference is taking every year the month of May and date 24th to 26th in Charakani villages Rajasthan, India
    (18). Pray for widows, poor, needy and untouched people life and their needs like shelter for living
    (19). We need cloth, food, and medicine for giving those people like poor, needy, widows, orphan and untouched people those are living like remote place, rural villages, and slam areas.
    (20) Pray for Apostles prayer tower and we want open prayer tower throughout the world as well as born again people may join with us for this program
    (20) Pray for Apostles Society for Social Development Ministries. Church planning/Evangelism/ Outreach/Prayer tower/Revival program/ family retreat/Pastors training program/Leaderships training pogroms/Healing meetings/children home and schools/ social activities/Free medical camp/widows ,needy, poor, untouched helping programs/ child Development/ Educational /Adult Education/ pastoral care/ Bible training center
    (21) Pray for the India need salvation and God may save his people from evil and from darkness power which coming from Satan.
    (22) pray for India because here every where people are worshiping IDOLS so that God may show them right spirit and they may come to know the true and living God that is Christ Jesus
    (23) Pray for Indian political leader who cannot stop for sharing gospel

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  3. P kranthi Kumar

    Praise the Lord pastor how are you doing im kranthi Kumar and working as pastor in India and also running the orphan and widow’s home please pray and give some financial support to my widow’s home thank you
    I am willing to be as a Representative / Coordinator on behalf of you in my State of Andhra Pradesh – India. If you do not have any branch in The State of our Andhra Pradesh in India, let me work on behalf of you to serve the poor children. It’s my commitment / agreement with you to work with your fellowship until I die – Mt 9:37, Jn4:35, 36, 2Tim 4:5.

    I am requesting you to help me to serve these poor children through “DAVID TELUGU BAPTIST CHARITABLE TRUST”. I will send complete childcare ministry project report to you.

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  4. Sohail

    To Delharvest, Greetings. This is Sohail Sadiq. I want to share something about the Christian children of Pakistan. We are working as Revival for youth fellowship in Pakistan and working for youth and as well as for deserving children . I would like to know if your organization Delharvest works for Pakistani children as well. May be we can help the parent to bring up there children by providing some resources.



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