African ministries

Hungry children need our love and support.

Kenyan children being fed an d cared for.


6 thoughts on “African ministries

  1. Oscar Mwanyanje

    Refer the post above ,am willing to work in the post pastor & evangelist Oscar Mwanyanje. Am called to fulfill the will of God through gospel of Jesus Christ. Am 2nd BA in theology ,BA in accountancy and diploma in Business Administration. Thank you God bless you

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  2. Dr George W.Chaima

    Dear Pastor, We are still looking forward to an active and vibrant connection with our orphanage ministry in Malawi as discussed sometime back on LinkedIn. I hope that you are having wonderful Christmas Season. Stay blessed

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  3. Kayongo Christopher

    Dear Delharvet ,Praise the Lord .Hope Children’s Centre an educational charity for vulnerable and orphaned children in Uganda would wish to partner with your ministry in its struggle of educating an African child through sponsorship and general fundraising to accomplish our obligation



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