Nepal ministries and children’s centers

Nepal earthquake pics..1..Rajendra Nhisutugroup-picture-2002_1_orig..Children of Nepal..2

— Video of feeding children after earthquake in Nepal. Nepal earthquake pics..1..Rajendra Nhisutu

6 thoughts on “Nepal ministries and children’s centers

  1. Nazia

    My name is Nazia Perveen and I am a human activist. I am Executive Director of Shelter Welfare Society Pakistan (SWS), a non-profitable, non-government Christian organization. Shelter Welfare Society Pakistan is working in the field of education, interfaith harmony and social welfare. SWS is working constantly to improve human values, to bring attitudinal change towards gender, women and children health care education and especially efforts for the homeless and street-children is worthy to mention. SWS has passion and a vision, the only need it has is the provision. Let’s join our hands together to bring peace, love and prosperity to the world to make it a better place to live. I hope and I wish that all of us do our bit to make difference.
    Website link :
    Phone number :+923317751707
    Your’s sincerely,
    Nazia Perveen
    shalom brother and sisters .

    we want to buy small bibles for our orphans children . they need Urdu bibles . can any brother and sister support then we will buy bibles for our orphanage children and also for people too. Our prayers for you and your family .we need your many prayer too .

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  2. Rev Dr J Y Arul John

    Kindly visit our web-site

    We look for organizations the helps to care children in India . I am available in Orlando till 22nd November if you could give me an appointment I can come and meet you in person.
    My cell phone 407446881

    John Arul

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