More ministries in India

Children need our love and prayers.


4 thoughts on “More ministries in India

  1. P kranthi Kumar

    Praise the Lord I’m very happy to see which your ministry doing such great works for needy . Surely God will bless you abundantly. Let me introduce myself I’m kranthi Kumar working as pastor in India and also running children and widow’s home please pray for my ministry and children home let me know where are you from in India thank you .

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  2. Francis Rao Sandhi

    Praise the Lord, Amen. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am Pastor Francis, founder/president New Hope Ministries(New Hope Trust) from Andhra Pradesh, India. I am very happy to see your website and wonderful work for the poor and needy around the world. I appreciate your great work for the Lord Christ. I am doing Lord’s ministry among the poor and unreached people, especially among the tribal people, working for with the orphans, widows, and the children living with HIV/AIDS. please pray for me ministry in India and please give me an affiliation with your esteemed ministries. thank you my brother, yours in Lord Christ. Bro. Francis, India

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